Garry Baverstock - Biography

Chapter Eight:
Established as Solar Architect

The prolific activities and the running of public education programs about solar design of housing, led Garry to become a very well known identity in Western Australia.

Throughout the 1980’s he won many awards for solar designs and has numerous newspaper articles written about his projects and activities.

He was instrumental in many innovations, including the timber louvred Tecto Sun Control Pergola, polystyrene and polyurethane integrated roof systems and various night ventilation cooling systems for houses. He gave advice to many inventors who took heed of his advice and made changes to improve the solar efficiency of their ideas during this period.

In 1983, his daughter Alison was born. This was a very important event as it gave him a much needed focus. The event triggered a deeper interest in spirituality and a stronger sense of responsibility. It forced him to work even harder to achieve material success, while still keeping his commitment to his philosophy alive. However, as the late 1980's was soon to prove, it was extremely difficult to achieve material success in his field of endeavour when the knowledge, awareness and interest of the general public was so low. Results in this decade were simply not there, in the business sense, causing great hardship for the family.

In 1985, the WA State government closed down the very popular Solar Energy Research Institute of WA (SERIWA), started by the Statesman/Premier Sir Charles Court. Angered by this, a group of investors led by Garry started planning a development known originally as the Solar Design Centre, which was to become the Solar Energy Information Centre.

This initiative was to fill a vacuum left by government at the time after an ill-thought out decision by the newly elected labor government to close down SERIWA.

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